Sickels, Frei & Mims Partner, Gary B. Mims, of Fairfax, Virginia, Obtains A $1,690,000.00 Settlement for Client Who Suffered Esophageal Injury During Gastric Bypass Surgery

In a confidential settlement, an anesthesiologist agreed to pay $1,690,000.00 to settle a lawsuit brought by her patient who suffered a torn esophagus due to the negligence of a surgical anesthesiologist.

As a part of the surgery, the anesthesiologist was supposed to inject air into the stomach to check for leaks. Instead of injecting air into the stomach, the anesthesiologist injected air into a balloon located within the confines of the esophagus. The balloon inflated and ruptured the esophagus. The anesthesiologist maintained that the injury was the fault of the surgeon. The surgeon disagreed and placed blame upon the anesthesiologist. As a result of the injury, the patient had her esophagus removed and replaced by part of her colon.

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